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Alyance: 2007 blog entries from the band's begining

Here's a rare glimpse of a band just forming up for the first time from scratch.

     Update (11/04) This has turned into a monthly blog I guess. We've gotten ourselves out of the shack and into the clubs so updates will mostly be posted on the main page and on our MySpace Page . We have a couple more shows lined up including one a Jimmy Z's before we hit Plum Tree Recording Studios for another bunch of songs. We'll attempt to put together a full-length and then that one we can sell. Right now we're using our previous Studio CD "Absolute Invasion" as a giveaway promotional tool, kinda spreading the word about us as much as we can. We recently created a couple new songs which we've added to our set list at the expense of a couple others that we've done for a while. Pretty soon we could probably do TWO sets!! Okay, enough babbling, come out and see us real soon.
     Update (10/03) Good grief!! I haven't updated this page in way too long... we've been in the studio putting together a 6 song demo and have been just too busy to have time for everything else, but now we're done and the result is SPECTACULAR!! When you hear this thing, you won't believe your ears. We have 8 or 9 more to record by years end and will be putting out an album shortly thereafter. With sounds like what's on this CD, it's only a matter of time before we get some serious label interest. I highly recommend Plum Tree Recording Studios for you recording projects. Very professional and extremely high quality results. Affordable and convienient...
contact Stefan at Cutting Edge Productions for the details.
     Update (9/21) Took a bit longer at the studio than expected but worth every minute. Redid the vocals and they're better, upped the guitars and now we have a finalized version we can critique. These songs came out so good that now it's become important to make sure everything is just right. I'll be going in Monday to get rid of a few bugs and drop some of the vocal levels. When this puppy is really done, it WILL be ready for prime time!! STOKEDDD
     Update (9/20) Practice day. Worked it pretty good.
     Update (9/19) Mix down went well. Plan is for Mark and me to drop by Friday to adjust a few levels.
     Update (9/18) Firing on all cylinders tonight we were! Tomorrow is the mix-down and we'll have our first real CD!! Watch out world, here we are!
     Update (9/16) It's a wrap!!! All that's left is track leveling and we'll be done, so Wednesday night is the night! This is going to be one wicked cd!! High fives all around... Wanna thank Stefan from Civil Zero for settin us up with a master engineer over at Plum Tree Recording, one Richard Williams. Fabulous to work with these great guys. Also, Judy, thanks for all that black coffee! Some kinda weekend we had, lots of blood sweat and tears, but we had fun cause it all came together at just the right time.
     Update (9/15) Are you kidding me?? What a day in the studio... We're recording six of our songs for an EP and this is gonna be one heck of a pro job. More on the details later, let's just say it's coming together better than you can imagine! We'll wrap it tomorrow with the vocals and mix, stay tuned!
     Update (9/13) Picked out our 6 best songs for the upcoming Studio session this weekend and hope to squeeze them all in. Tuned those up for a couple hours and we're stoked to get em burned!!
     Update (9/11) Practice, practice, practice, but it never gets boring and the great thing about it is that we all can't wait for the next one... and you know you got it going on when that happens. Looking back on the Jimmy Z's show, it was a GREAT experience despite the relatively poor turnout. Jen, who came up all the way from California had much good stuff to say about our sound which is pretty exciting since has a lot of experience in the booking/promoting field. Aaaaand, Mike Wear was there and seemed to be enjoying what he heard, which is a BIG confidence booster. Got us three more shows, this time down south in the Lakewood/Tacoma area including Cheers West in just a week and a half (Sep 28th), things are looking up!!
     Update (9/07) Well, there it is... Jimmy Z's is in the books. Not much to say really, should have been a lot more peeps there, but I guess playing at nearly midnight wasn't the best way to go. Still, had a great time doin' our thing and spreading the word... Rock On!!
     Update (9/04) Had a great practice, ready for Jimmy Z's...
     Update (9/01) Friday night I treked down to Cheers West in Tacoma/University Place to see "The Mercury Rising" and these guys put on a GREAT show! Their lead singer hooked me up with a T and a CD! Terry, you ROCK!! First found out about this band at Jimmy Z's a week ago and if you get a chance to see them, GO, they have a lot of shows scheduled so you can take your pick, you definately won't be disappointed. So then I took my awesome THE MERCURY RISING tshirt to Fedral Way and we rocked 'em hard at the party, nice place too, big and open and just after the sun set we fired it up and did all 14 of our songs, but of course, it was over far to quick, so I guess we need MORE SONGS!! Next practice is Tuesday and then see you all at Jimmy Z's on Friday!!
     Update (8/30) Excellent practice! In fact, 3 very good recordings came out of this due in part to the sound being just right, so I'll be trying to make up a demo. We're on for Saturday night, should be around 200 happy folks there!
     Update (8/29) A bit of a rough practice, but we've had an unusually long in-between. Still, lots of good things, got our two new songs together better and we'll be coming back tomorrow for another session. Also, we've been invited to perform at a big Labor Day weekend party in Fedral Way on Saturday!! Just awaiting confirmation from the guys, make sure no one has plans.
     Update (8/24) Our first session all together since Big Daddy's and it was a GREAT one! We breezed through our setlist and tightened up our two new songs. A lot of what we did is posted, just click on the "Tunes" link from the main page and check it out! We'll be minus Mark again on Monday, as he's "gone fishing", but we're back at it again on Wednesday and hopefully Stefan from "Cutting Edge Productions" will get a chance to join us.. we'll be putting together a 4 song demo with his help on 15,16 Sep.
     Update (8/21) Great night for a quick practice. Even though we didn't have our lead guitar, we plugged along anyway and dialed in the endings for both our two new ones. Mark will be with us on Friday for the next practice.
     Update (8/19) Good get-together and we worked on the two newest songs, unfortunately, Mark couldn't make it and we wish him well with his car situation.
     Update (8/16) What a show!! We all just couldn't wait to get up there and perform, and perform we did! Great times!! We did all twelve of our songs (the other two we're not ready with yet) and got it recorded by Patrick the sound man there. I'll post a couple tracks from that very soon. Pretty good crowd and everyone was diggin it, got a lot of positive response and now can't wait for the next time. We'd like to play there again and probably will in the near future. Rock On!!
     Update (8/14) Our last tune up before we rock the house at Big Daddy's in Woodinville. Mark brought his girl Amanda along and she gave us all great reviews, sweet girl too! We did our set that we'll do Thursday and everything sounded real good and everyone's stoked! Also, we have yet another new song which I just finished the lyrics to, it's called "She's Hot" and the preview was well received, so now we have 14 fresh and original songs all together.
     Update (8/12) Tough night Sunday, everyone said they were a little off, but again, a lot of progress. Worked on the new song (Better Get Up) and I can't wait to get this one in the can, but it probably won't be ready for Thursday.
     Update (8/11) Due to scheduling conflicts, our show at Jimmy Z's on the 18th has been changed to September 7th. Very sorry for the inconvenience, but it did give me a chance to meet up with "Little Ben" who graciously appologized for the situation and got us back on track. One stand-up guy!
     Update (8/09) Okay, so now there are 13! The newest one is "Better Get Up" and once we tune this one in, it's gonna really rock the house. Another productive session as usual, we're finally setting our sights on getting everything master recorded and Mark has some good experience with this and is leading the charge, so it should be soon now.
     Update (8/07) Another excellent session, today we started out with this great bass line from Darryl and built up a song which I now have to write to for Thursday. Writing for the band is really a hoot!! When it all comes together and we play it out and it works, there's just no better feeling. Rock On!!
     Update (8/05) Did a little tweaking here and there on various songs, sorta tuned em up a little. Good recording from this session which is really a first for me. All the previous ones just didn't mix right. The big show is coming up in just a week and a half!!
     Update (8/01) Mark came over and we did a little unplugged which was totaly cool and sounded great!
     Update (7/30) Put the finishing touch on "The Other Side" and started the new one "Diamond Dust", so now we have 12!.
     Update (7/27) Excellent session, best in a long time for me personally. Everyone's come together perfectly on most of the songs now. The new one (The Other Side) went really well, sounds like we have yet another hit on our hands! Went out to Big Daddy's afterwards and checked out the venue, had dinner, listened to the country act and the the metal one that followed. Should be a GREAT show when we get there on the 16th.
     Update (7/24) What a mess, had to put our stuff back together again after the show, cables, drums and speakers everywhere... good session though and the guys came up with a new tune I'll be writing to for our next get-together Thursday. Should be a good one.
Update (7/19) Setting up for the show was a lot of work, but fun. Not a big crowd, but we did our set and everything went really well. Met up with Jimmy Z's booking agent Darren (AKA Mudd) and he liked our stuff, so we'll be doing the "Green Room" on August 18 at around 9pm. ROCK ON!!
     Update (7/17) One final tune-up before our first live performance at Papi's on Thursday.
     Update (7/15) Played our set twice, and visited Papi's to check out the venue.
     Update (7/12) No practice today, but I got a chance to stop by Papi's Pizza in Everett to check out the beer garten open mic opportunity, so now we'll be playing there Thursday night around 8pm on July 19th. Should be a lot of fun for everyone there!
     Update (7/09) Picture day today, now posted on the site. Just a few from our rehearsal space. Completed yet another new song (Memories) and now we have TEN! Two more to go and we'll have enough for a full set, then we can get to the task of perfecting them in time for our first show. Rock and roll!
     Update (7/05) It took me the 2 hours just before practice to write Tangled Web and I'm pretty happy with it. Took a few tries at practice to get it right but since I did get it right once, I can use that take to burn it in my head. We have 9 songs now!! Oh, and we're booked for Thursday 16 August at 9pm at Big Daddy's Place, so let's pack em in!
     Update (7/03) Probably the best single session we've had. Got the 8 song set on DVD too, just in case someone wants to make a documentary like Beyond The Glory or something like that. Okay, laugh it up. Anyway, we're getting tighter and tighter. Constantly working on new songs, the newest of which is really an oddball, but "Rock On" still rocks, so will be working with it till I get it right because it's perfect instrumentally but not quite right vocally. I'm excited about the next new song which the boys just put together, I've tentatively called it "Tangled Web" because I already know what I want to write to it. So till the next time...
     Update (6/28) The new song "Rock On" came out pretty rockin on! Had an outstanding session and really looking forward to next Tuesday. Will be starting to search out a venue to play at, as this has all come together much quicker than expected. Exciting times for sure.
     Update (6/26) Okay, we all have new gear and are now playing at or near the sound barrier. I think the recording levels are finally dialed in. Today, Mark pumped out a new song that will be our next piece to work with, so will be working on the lyrics and have them ready for the next session and this thing will really rock!!
     Update (6/24) Darryl and I both got new gear and spent some time setting up and testing out. Mark will be bringing his new baby in Tuesday and now we'll really be making some noise. Should be GREAT!!
     Update (6/23) This is our first Sunday and it went extremely well. Kicked it off at noon and rocked hard for two hours. Mark's guitar amp bit the big one. I think he'll be getting something a bit bigger real soon, as I don't think he plans on using Darryl's bass amp much longer.
     Update (6/21) Mark's amp started cutting out and just not putting out anymore for him, and like the rest of us, looks like he'll be shopping for an upgrade. This is getting big and going to the next level. We really do sound like a real band now. Working on another new song "Aces and Eights" which, like all the rest, is coming together real easy and fast. We're doing better with Nevermind which we started working Tuesday.
     Update (6/19) The new song is "Nevermind". This one really sounds great. Bad session for me personally due to allergies killing my vocals. Everyone else sounded spot on. I need to start looking for a PA upgrade, these powered speakers are just not cutting through enough and they're practically maxed out.
     Update (6/14) Yet another great session. Starting a new song again, I'll have something written for it by Tuesday. Some really awesome recording done today, very good takes of everything except Pay The Piper (of course). We have to slow that one down a bit. Fatal War got better and should be polished by end of next session. We're talking about adding Sunday to the mix, maybe around noon. Would be nice for continuity now that we're on a real roll.
     Update (6/12) Finally got the recording process mixed right and everything sounds like never before. Tried yet another new song, but I think we hit a wall. Plan is to go in Thursday and perfect what we already have and worry about new stuff maybe next week. Some of our endings aren't quite right, should tune it up before we move on to the new stuff. Thursday should be our best day of all so far.
     Update (6/07) Tightned up the new song (Fatal War). Added an interesting "Jam" song which has no lyrics (yet). Looking forward to next week!
     Update (6/05) Again, new song that just came together practically on the first try. This is a good one! Darryl wrote the bassline, I threw in the lyrics/melody, Jim on the drums seemed to know exactly what to do and of course, Mark brought it to life. Just keeps getting better.
     Update (5/31) Able to play Woodside Drive straight through like we've been doing it for weeks and not just two days. Chemistry? It's goin on and rockin hard!! Will be starting another new song Tuesday.
     Update (5/29) New song added today, Woodside Drive. Came together VERY fast and best of all, sounds great!
     Update (5/24) Our sound is definately getting tighter. First 3 songs are pretty well together, but probably need to work on the endings a bit. Still haven't mastered the recording process, but getting there. Should probably run everything through the PA.
     Update (5/22) After much wiring and rewiring, finally got the sound right and a decent recording. Room for improvement still but at least it's in the right direction. We're ready for a new song as we've been working the first 3 pretty regular so will be bringing one in Thursday when we get together again. GREAT time had by all!!
     Update (5/17) Another great session. Had a bit of a rough start though, Darryl's practice amp wouldn't fire up after it blew a fuse late on Tuesday. Had to plug him into the PA using Mark's practice/utiltiy amp. That part actually came out great on the recording, unfortunately hotwiring Mark's lead amp directly into the mixer was a mistake, but easily correctable for next Tuesday. Tried a few variations on the three songs we're working on, live it sounded rockin, but the Mark's lead was unfortunately heavily distorted on the recording, will be miking his amp next time. All in all, much progress in such a short period of time!
     Update (5/16) Spent some time at the shack and got everything wired, drums are miked, and I plan to hardwire in the guitar amps.
     Update (5/15) Great get together with our new drummer, Jim. Excellent practice, everything just flowed really well. First attempt at recording, that did NOT go well. I'll need to work on it tomorrow for Thursday.
     Update (5/11) Looks like we've found our drummer. Thanks to Darryl, Jim will be with us on Tuesday, and we're looking forward to meeting him.
     Update (5/08) Had an absolutely jammin time. Everyone was there and we went 3 hours. Worked on 3 songs and everything came together better than expected. Great time! Our next session is up in the air though, still looking for that right drummer.
     Update (5/07) Met with Mark, a prospective drummer to replace Mike who currently has too many commitments to give this project his full attention, and unfortunately, a medical condition would keep him from giving it his all, so had to pass. Still looking for that right drummer.
     Update (5/03) Just met up with Darryl and looks like we have a bassplayer! Mike K, our drummer is still on board, but has let me know that his commitments are starting to get in the way and he's going on vacation in two weeks, so we're actively looking for a new drummer, Mike said he'll step down once we find a good replacement.
     Update (4/30) Mike couldn't make it, but that didn't stop us. Will be auditioning for a bassplayer this week.
     Update (4/25) Wednesdays are dark.
     Update (4/24) Just met with Mark S, a Rythem Guitar. Both Mark J and I got to check him out. Fast and accruate! Promising. One little wrinkle in style to work on, hopefully Thursday.
     Update (4/23) Had a GREAT get together. Mike's got the drums and he's good! Mark is awesome on the lead guitar and can jam with the best, a real natural. We may have a bass tomorrow (Nate, still lookin for ya), but we do really need a rythem guitar in our lineup. Just put the ad up on Craig's List for Snohomish area and if no response, will expand to Seattle/Tacoma in a couple days. Thanks again guys, for making it a GREAT night!!
     Update (4/22) Meet and greet tonight, attendence not required but if you can stop by, please do... 7pm - 9pm, see you there.
     Update (4/21) Set up my gear today, did sound checks, ready for meet and greet tomorrow night at 7. If you'd like to stop by and say hi, please do, I'll be there till around 9pm. Otherwise, see you on Monday!!
     Update (4/20) We got the last unit available, but for a 10x15 it's better than I expected. Ultimately we need to switch to something larger like 10x20 or 10x26. Those are the only other two sizes, and as soon as someone moves out we'll move up. Monday night at 7p, check your email for the details..
     Update (4/19) It's on! Tomorrow night we get the unit in Everett. It's not big, but should do for now. Plan is to get together on Monday night at 7pm. I'll be emailing each of you the details. Those that want to get started earlier, we'll be doing a "Storehouse" warming Sunday night at 7pm to check out the place... Rock On!!
     Update (4/18) Just got off the phone and looks like we have a 10 x 15! Will find out by this weekend if we can move in next week, if not will have to wait for current band to finish moving out as they have put in their notice. Worst case: in no later than May 1.
     Update (4/17) We may have a drummer now. Also will be auditioning 2 more guitars once rehearsal space has been secured, should be early next week and will be in Everett if everything works out. Alyance is starting to roll and will be rockin' soon!
     Update (4/16) Found Mark today, an experienced touring guitarist who is very enthusiastic about this project. But we will need another.