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The official release of Night Vision on CD is 10/10/10

    "Night Vision" is Alyance's triumphant debut album. Many long hours were spent in the studio laying down all the tracks and mixing everything just right, and extreme care was taken to ensure every detail of this recording was the best it could be.
    Jim was fantastic on the drum kit. In two sessions he did all the work. It was a bit magical, as he was really in the zone and his energy translated well into the overall recording, inspiring subperb guitar work from Mark who is a natural anyway, but when the final mix was put together along with Darryl's over the top bass work, it was just a thing of beauty!
    But an Alyance recording is never really complete without vocals, so Mike spent quite a bit of quality time with Rich at  Plum Tree Studios to make sure his vocals lived up to the magic of everything else.
    The result is without a doubt, a stunning accomplishment all the way around. If you're looking for hard hitting solid rock-n-roll with that great full sound, thoughtful lyrics, awesome power chords and riffs and flowing bass lines, you need look no further than Night Vision...
    Have a listen and experience it here first.
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