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  When Mark decided to leave the band
  in late 2007, as he had said he would
  since day one, there was a bit of
  sadness that went with him, but he
  went back to Chicago to rejoin his
  former band FCAB. Needless to say
  this made no sense to the rest of the
  band because they were just hitting
  their stride, popping out a new song
  every week. If there was ever a band
  completely in the zone, Alyance was.
  The whole thing probably hit Mike the
  hardest, and he put some of his
  feelings Into The Night.

Into The Night

Michael Goff, Mark Johnson, Darryl Buske, Jim Fleming

This is the story about missed opportunity
Leavin a good thing with impunity
Chasin a rainbow for that ol pot o gold
A bird in the hand can fly away I'm told

Later in life lookin back and ya wonder
Some kinda thumb you were under
Too late now cause it's over and done
Over the hills into the setting sun

How can you bring back the day
Can you remember the way
To bring it all back and make it right
Ya just have to slip on into the night
Slip on into the night
Into the night

So there you are lookin sad and alone
Hopefully someone'll throw ya a bone
Things didn't quite work out like ya planned
Ya know, you could always rejoin the band

Or you could keep on slippin
Slippin into the night
Slip on into the night
Into the night

© 2007, 2010 Alyance