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  For all you guys out there who are
  thinking about getting married
  have a listen and keep thinking!

Tangled Web

Michael Goff, Mark Johnson, Darryl Buske, Jim Fleming

She winks her eye at you
She smiles her little smile
Ya just can't resist

She whispers in your ear
All the things you want to hear
And you can't wait, wait to be kissed

She's everything you ever wanted on your list

Ah, but you better not step
Into her tangled web

She leads you to the alter
And ya don't even falter
Ya think ya got it made, yeah, got it made

But then the passion dies
It's too late when you realize
That there's no more there, there in her eyes

You can finally see through her lies

She's got multiple personalities
Responsible for fatalities
She's filled with anger and hate
For you it's just too late
Ya had to go and step
Into her tangled web
And now there's nothin you can do
It's just too late for you

She's got ya
Gotcha in her web
You're stuck now
Stuck in that web
I saw it comin at ya
I tried to warn ya
Oh, you wouldn't listen
Ya didn't believe me
What a tangled web
Tangled, tangled web

© 2007, 2010 Alyance