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Under The Radar

  Max Webster opened for Rush
  sometime in the early 80s
  This song is about what I heard then...
  A sound that I'll never forget
  Wish I could go back in time
  and be there to hear it again.
  Rock On!!


Michael Goff, Richard Williams

I've been hearing rock-n-roll
And it's drivin my soul
I know what I'm listening for
But every time the dial spins
My radio is cold
Ain't playin quality anymore

A concert in Seattle
A festival in Maine
It's hard to find those ultimate acts
Then suddenly the lights dimmed
The crowd became insane
The band lit up in flames, it was Max

I had my feet on the seat
My eyes were fixed to the stage
My ears were feelin nothin but rock
Then suddenly a chord hit
Jammin constant rage
The perfection of it left me in shock

The tone was ringin deep
Yeah, it was comin on fast
It seemed to dig a well in my brain
It was raw, almost evil
I wanted it to last
It was comin on with the force of a train

So every time I think about
That unrelenting sound
That forceful magnitude in my mind
I wish that I could recreate
The magic that I found
The best that I could ever hope to find

I've looked high and low and everywhere
To listen for a twin
of the power of that energetic bar
Though I haven't heard it since
I hope to hear again
The sound that came from that guy's guitar

© 2012 Alyance