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Under The Radar

Pay The Piper

Michael Goff, Mark Johnson, Darryl Buske, Jim Fleming

You say that you're here cause you wanna be heard
But you're here cause ya just wanna hear
The band is loud and ya thrill to the crowd
So ya stand up and try to get near

Ya shove your way through to get up to the front
Ya don't care who ya push to the side
The ticket collector is looking for you
But ya say you're just along for the ride

You better pay the piper
Ya know that he's playin your song
You gotta pay the piper
He don't care if you're right or wrong
Go on and pay the piper

Your fortune turns for the worse and you're down and out
Sayin that you got a bad deal
You blame the world for the trouble ya got
While ya beg, borrow and steal

Then suddenly ya find yourself in front of the judge
He charges you with some kinda crime
His gavel goes down in judgment on you
But you say ya can't do the time

Shut up and pay the piper
He's comin to collect from you
Ya better pay the piper
You pay him whatever he's due
Gotta pay the piper

You know that you're stuck and you hate your bad luck
No one wants to save ya now
You sit there with hatred and anger for everyone
And wonder what the law will allow

You ain't got the toll so you hope for parole
Ya sit there in your silence and wait
Ya might not give a damn what happens to you
But one thing you're learnin too late

Is that you pay the piper
Everyone has to give
You always pay the piper
No matter how long ya live
Everyone pays the piper
Pay that piper, pay him, pay him now

© 2010 Alyance