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Under The Radar


Train Acomin

Michael Goff, Mark Johnson

Joe holds on tight to all his extra baggage
As he races down the escalator stair
He's gotto hurry up and get to that subway platform
To catch the next train to anywhere

But Joe seems to be runnin out of time
( he's a little bit slow )
Gettin to where he really wants to go

Well there's a train acomin
It's movin fast and not gonna wait for Joe
He needs to move a little faster and hold on tight
Cause it won't be slowin down tonight
There's a train acomin

It's just a little bit strange, but he knows it's the right thing
To get out there and find out if he can sing

Hey Joe, I think if you believe, your're gonna make it
You're gonna loose the baggage, get on board and take it to the top

And yeah, there's a train acomin
And if you move really fast, you're gonna be okay
It's only a little further, but you gotto decide
To give it all you got and just enjoy the ride
Cause there's a train, there's a train, there's a train acomin

© 2012 Alyance